Welcome to my 3d NFT reality.
Take a trip with me

For a note –
We are all a little insane here…)

Fascist Putin Huilo.

Stop War. Support Ukraine
3D Art NFT Collection

The Russian Huilo
President Vladimir Putin
Is bloody murderer.

Hitler of Nowadays.

This collection is my anger and pain
for my country UKRAINE.
My mouse is my weapon ..
so I will be killing Putin
in this series of art…

Support Ukraine.
Stop Adolf Putin.


3D NFT Collections

Let’s meet each other closely?

3D Art NFT Collection

Human ERROR…
I’ve lost control. AGAIN.
– Tell me I’m real, tell me I’m not just another NFT, please.

…Sorry … A Machine can’t forgive your mistakes

You’re part of a software NOW.
you are not a human being

What do you remember
before you became a machine?

Tasty Girls
3D Art NFT Collection

Your nudes are safe with me…)
Sex is art… And every emotion deserves an NFT piece…

This is not a love story, no time for romance.

-You saw me in your dreams again?
-I was naked… AGAIN?)
I love when I can see and feel
how much you want me:)


3D Art NFT Collection

Sometimes we fall in love with ideas…
People are good.
In fact some of them risk their lives for the greater good.
– for the creation the New Perfect Cyborg
I just making some NFT prototypes.
it requires to experiment a lot though…
I’m not sorry for anything.
Would you be so kind to
sacrifice yourself? You can became my favorite NFT)
I love variety, you know.

3D Art NFT Collection

My head is a very dark place..
Magic comes with a price..

Dare to explore..?
Before we continue …
Lets figurate last little thing …

Happy ending?
Sorry, we aren’t in Disney.

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