Welcome to my 3d NFT reality.
Take a trip with me

For a note –
We are all a little insane here…)

Art Katana
- Kateryna Fedorova -

3D NFT Collections

Let’s meet each other closely?

3D Art NFT Collection

Human ERROR…
I’ve lost control. AGAIN.
– Tell me I’m real, tell me I’m not just another NFT, please.

…Sorry … A Machine can’t forgive your mistakes

You’re part of a software NOW.
you are not a human being

What do you remember
before you became a machine?

Tasty Girls
3D Art NFT Collection

Your nudes are safe with me…)
Sex is art… And every emotion deserves an NFT piece…

This is not a love story, no time for romance.

-You saw me in your dreams again?
-I was naked… AGAIN?)
I love when I can see and feel
how much you want me:)


3D Art NFT Collection

Sometimes we fall in love with ideas…
People are good.
In fact some of them risk their lives for the greater good.
– for the creation the New Perfect Cyborg
I just making some NFT prototypes.
it requires to experiment a lot though…
I’m not sorry for anything.
Would you be so kind to
sacrifice yourself? You can became my favorite NFT)
I love variety, you know.

3D Art NFT Collection

My head is a very dark place..
Magic comes with a price..

Dare to explore..?
Before we continue …
Lets figurate last little thing …

Happy ending?
Sorry, we aren’t in Disney.

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